In His Words

A collection of writings, quotes and thoughts from Mike himself.


Mike’s video- It takes a long time to download, but once it’s finished you can open it with Quicktime Player.  Let it a least partially download before starting to watch it for uninterrupted playing.

Made by Dominic Landucci for Mike’s Memorial Service on October 10 2007

Many, many thanks Dom!


An excerpt from an email Mike wrote to a friend who had discovered her grandfather was dying from cancer and only had six months to live…

“Death is such a big part of life. When you think about it, there is no other choice than to accept it. I guess the crucial part is how you accept it. You sound as though you are in the best way possible. Take it all in
and carry it with you always.  I wish there were something I could do to ease the pain of your situation, but I know there isn’t. Just one last thought, though. When Egyptians painted hieroglyphics of pharos, they believed it gave them eternal life.  They believed that when people thought of a person or talked of a person it gave that person a place in heaven among the pharos. I know it’s painful and you will miss him terribly, but cherish being a part of his life and who he is. Celebrate him being a part of you when you miss him and think of him.”

- Mike Smith


Written in a card to a friend who suffered the great loss of their child:

“Time will heal you as only time can.  But sometimes mourning and remembering are as cherished as the good times.


A few of the exerpts from where he was a member and enjoyed communicating with fellow divers from across the country.

[Originally Posted by Wildcard:
Some enjoy the simplicity, some like the ego, some just want to die I guess.
Just as in Scuba. I have to admit, I love the simplicity. No bubbles... fish hang around...
- and -
[Originally Posted by Gregoire:
Dont get the free diving thing... Kind of like the Mcdonalds approach to diving, go go go go go. I'd rather take my time and enjoy that atmosphere than run through the drive through any day!

- Mike’s (my1ocean) reply -
“That is actually the exact opposite of what one needs to do to enjoy freediving. The slower you move, the more you’re relaxed, the more you enjoy the fish rather than think about breathing the more bottom time you have.
Don’t get me wrong, I see your point. Each free dive is pretty short, but it is definitely not about moving fast or go, go, go. I’m never more relaxed than when freediving. Not even on Scuba. On Scuba, there’s always some one to keep track of.
A hero ain’t nothin’ but a sandwich.”


The following are also from, a thread about diving limericks and poems (some amusing, some insightful, but all so true!):

There once was a board for scuba
and when I signed on with “how do ya?”
I never would guess
I’d be so impressed,
by a lymric for a guy named Scoota.

Originally Posted by Rick Inman:
You divers are strokes – no, you’re worse,
And you suffer an internet curse,
See, you never get wet,
Diving just on the net,
‘Cause you spend all your time writing verse!

Mike’s reply:
Jealous are you of my flow
and how sardonically you bellow.
But a diver with wit
and who’s mentally fit
will shame you above and below!

Grand are your fingers on keys
your lymrics are fine, if you please.
Old poets would gasp
and curse to their last
if they had to pay internet fees!

Ode to WetRat:
You may be from the ilk of gloves and top hats
with grand persian rugs for your white persian cats.
Have you 5th avenue tastes and dollars for trends?
Perhaps West Point trained, prepared to the end.
You may have life pinned down with buckles and straps,
But when the ship starts sinking, you’ll follow the RATZ!

I know… not a lymric.

Awash was my student’s mask
as I gave him the clearing task.
He snorted a snort
then swallowed a quart
but fianlly cleared it at last.

I shaved this morning with a razorfish.
then I watched a catfish chase a parrotfish!
I know it’s a whale of a story,
but the porpoise is not for the glory,
It’s just for the Angels and Ladyfish!

How anxiously we wait for Scuba Santa.
Ah, the cheer and presents GIGANTA!
His reindeer will be fleet
and all our stockings replete,
if he misses the traffic in Atlanta!

Diving is always at hand!
Any spare moment to escape from the land!
Throw the gear in the trunk,
All other duties are sunk,
sea life’s always pretty and grand!!

If I could only make yousea
what the ocean has given to me.
You’d profess me a king,
without treasure or things.
My riches are all in the see,

While turning the boat toward the reef,
a chatty bloke would give no relief.
Told me all the stories
of his diving glories
while blowing onion breath through his teeth!

So I pokes the reg in his mouth.
I says “Get in and start swimming south!”
And soon he should find
a hammerhead shark friend of mine
with a taste for onions and blabbermouth!

As he swam away, I stood numb.
From below I could still hear the bumb!
My shark friend couldn’t take it either
so he fled from the crazy air breather.
For the ride home I plugged my ears with my thumbs.

My sweet dive buddy named Kelly,
ate soybeans to fill her belly.
And after our dive,
much to my surprise,
her “offgas” was noisy and smelly!

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum.
fill a tall glass and give me some!
For tomorrow we’ll dive
if this night we survive
and start o’er in the mid day’s sun!

Is it for sunsets you seek the ocean?
Or whispers of fish that gives your heart motion?
what’er it be
it is clear to me
you’ve had a spot of la mar’s love potion!

On a wharf I met a wet rat
trading lymrics with a red hat.
Then up swam a mermaid, swish, swish,
and spoke of a whisperer to fish
who writes poetry and wears a cravat!!

My dive buddy is truly a gas.
He’ll eat crackers then spit in his mask.
He makes a whistleing noise
while scratching his “boys”
and has hand signals to say “kiss my rosy, red…”

Ode to Frost;

Whose kelp forest is this, I think I know.
He stays on Brody’s reef, though.
He will not see me stopping here
To watch kelp sway with ebb and flow.
My little seahorse must think it queer
To stop without the coral near
Between the kelp and sand flat plain
The darkest seascape of the year.
He gives his cockle shell reins a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of turtle fin and gliding skate.
The sea is lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to swim before I sleep,
And miles to swim before I sleep.

The moonlit sea had the surface of glass,
’till a mermaid’s breath cuased ripples to pass.
And in that still night,
heart replete with the sight,
my lover, the sea, kissed me at last.

Wow, that’s a bit soppy!!

How the winds are whipping the sea,
so to the limerick board I flee,
it’s been quite a while
since I wrote in this style
and I return with heartful YIPEEE!!!

OYe!, all you witty limerickers!
Such a happy board, rather than bickerers!
I read with a snort
and a facial contort
and my ribs ache from all my snickers!!

Everyone should claim “Mine, is the sea!”
And care for her as God’s gift to thee.
Treat her as if she were your honey,
No! Protect her like money,
and we’ll share what my1ocean is to me.

“Come,” said the Jewfish, “come into my lair.
I’ll show you wonders you’ll ne’er see in air.
Like a child in Wonka’s home,
through all the seas we’ll roam.
I have so many wonders to share!”

So, I guess you don’t like the thread,
of whether to wear ones mask on ones head?
You know the one with 800 posts
and saying absolutely nothing, at most!
I’d rather drive a nail through my head!!!

Not sure what you mean by troll.
But, I assure you I can’t pay the toll
and suffer all that pontificating.
After 800 posts no abating!
I’ll just hide here in my limerick hole.

Guess, to the board I’m still green.
For the game threads I haven’t seen.
Didn’t mean to offend
about the mask thing my friend,
but it’s obvious for that I’m not keen.

Curse this wind that’s been blowing for weeks!
It’s filled the bay with white streaks!
The engines are cold from idle days
no divers on deck to brave such waves.
The howl from the palms seems to speak,
it says “there’ll be no tips for you to keep!!”

In your wetsuit you may need to pee,
but if you don’t flush you’ll stink badly!
So, up with your legs
through the neck purge your reg
but your cajones may shrink from the cold sea.

To BJD and those of you who knew and miss him.

There was a friend, did you know him? He gave advice
once, when you were in need.
There was a friend, did you know him? When you met him,
he would be, indeed!

There is a hole! Can you see it? Makes me shiver,
to the bone from it’s emensity.
There is a hole! Can you FEEL it!? So many are shocked
with it’s intensity.

There is a family. Can you see them? Their heads hung
in such disparity.
There is a family. Are you one of them? Did you too, take
comfort in his charity?

There is a memory. Do you have one? Will you share it
and be his survivor?
There is a memory. Will you share it, to honor the life
and memory of Big Jet Diver?

There once was a thread full of posters.
With hillarious limericks and some roasters.
but lately it seems
oddly quiet, no screams,
and is in the attick along with grandma’s coasters.