Baseball is now our life

Eli started playing baseball.  This is his first time playing, he didn’t start off with t-ball, he went straight to coach pitching.  Not because he’s that good, but because of his age.  I wish we would have started last year so he could have played t-ball first.  But, nonetheless, this is where we are.

For anyone who knows my awesome son, you know how amazingly athletic he is…uh…NOT!  So much so in fact, he tends to fall over just looking at a crack in the sidewalk.  Poor kid.  First day of practice they were working on their stance, legs spread, one knee bent loaded back, and awkward Eli fell over.  {Shaking my head here.}  Even so, he left his first practice totally loving it!  He told me he was nervous before he started, but by the end he really enjoyed it!  I was sooooo happy to hear this!  I was worried we’d committed to this long journey of baseball, 2 practices a week and 2 games a week until the end of May, and he wouldn’t even like it.  Thank goodness I was worried for nothing!

He had his first game this past Tuesday and I was surprised at what a baseball mom I became!  I came alive, rooting him and his team on, cheering for every effort given!  I loved it, as did Eli.  And throughout it all, I kept thinking how proud of his son Mike would have been.  I often try to picture Mike as a dad in certain situations, but there was definitely something special about this.  Maybe because it’s just one of those dad things, dreaming about one day playing ball with their son.  I remember Mike talking about that when we were pregnant.  And now I can feel his excitement for his son as I’m watching him from the bleachers.

Though Eli may not be the most athletic member of the Cardinals team, he tries really hard.  He wants to do well, and he’s making improvements at every practice.  If only we had better coaches who actually showed up for practice and games, Eli might even have the chance to become athletic.  But unfortunately we got put on the “leftovers” team, a mismatch of those who didn’t fit in anywhere else.  All that aside, we’re enjoying our new found baseball lifestyle.

And I know Mike would never have missed a practice or game, he would have been the proudest dad out there, beaming from ear to ear!!!

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