Late Update

Sorry for the VERY late update!  For those of you who don’t already know, we’ve been spending some time in Ohio for the past couple of months, and will be here for another couple.  We arrived March 27th, and with no definite date set yet, plan to head back at the end of July.  It’s been fun, adventurous, and fulfilling family time.  The main reason for not writing is because I’m living in the house that my mom and dad built and only recently finished, which is near their horse farm, and away from most civilization, and has no internet.  Yes, you read that right, no internet!  So to work on my computer, and most importantly to write on my blog, I must pack up the kids and drive to my mom and dad’s current house and use their internet connection.  It’s sooo nice to be living in the new house, helping finish the little things as we live there (we’re still brushing our teeth and washing hands in the kitchen sink b/c we have no bathroom sinks), and to have a little privacy there, but it’s definitely not easy not having access to the internet at my every whim!

Things are going well here.  Eli is so very happy to be spending so much time at the farm every day, learning about the horses and chickens, running around in the woods, digging in the dirt, and having so much more freedom than he does back home in Florida.  Ainsley is slowly adapting to her new surroundings, very, very slowly starting to sleep a little better, and is now becoming mobile.  Mobile as far as rolling everywhere, but the crawling is just around the corner!  She just got her first tooth on the 28th of May, and she’s eating a lot more new foods now.  My days are spent getting Ainsley down for her naps, playing trucks with Eli, running and exercising more every day (just finished my first 2.5 mile run post baby!!!), making meals, and just being mom.

So if I don’t write more in the next 2 months, don’t be surprised.  It’s simply due to no time.  Hopefully when we get back to Florida I will have more time to update the blog and pictures (I know, I know!  Everyone wants to see pictures of Eli’s 4th birthday party and of how big Ainsley is getting!).

Peace my friends, and happy summer.

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