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I am thankful

Three years ago I laughed in the face of anyone stupid brave enough to wish me a “Happy” Thanksgiving.  They couldn’t seriously think I had a single thing to be thankful for, could they?
Thankful for my friends and family who stood by my side and helped me through… of course, absolutely.  However, I wouldn’t have [...]

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11 days

My mom’s much anticipated visit was incredible.  Different than imagined, but it actually turned out better in some ways.  I got so much accomplished.  I got some time “off”.  I got to witness the comforting interaction between a boy and his grandma.  I got a massage for my heart and my mind which rejuvenated my [...]


He should be here

I wonder if those moments will ever not take me to my knees…
After I took the Pur filter off my faucet, I turned on the water and got sprayed all over.  So I realized I needed to find the flow control thingamajigger that goes on the end of the faucet.  I opened up the storage [...]

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