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The Power of Empathy

It occurred to me recently what is is that gives me the feeling of true sympathy when someone writes, calls, emails or gets in touch with me regarding Mike’s passing.  It’s the understanding of empathy.  Real, true empathy is something not everyone “gets”.
It took me more than two years to figure this out.  Shocking, I [...]


It’s ok to still be sad

In reading through some fellow widow/widower blogs I’ve stumbled upon online, I feel a connection to others who have gone/are going through the same pain I suffer daily.  But it’s not just a connection, it’s also a knowing that I am not the only one hurting this badly so long after my husband has died.  [...]

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Eli’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day

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Eli’s birthday was unbelievable.  I say that because I can barely believe my little boy is two years old already!  Everyone says how quickly it goes by, but until I was actually singing Happy Birthday to him, presenting him with his cake, and helping him blow out his candles did it hit me [...]


My almost 2 year old

My little boy, two years ago he was still in my womb.  I carried him, nurtured him, loved him beyond belief before we had even met.  I never knew a bond between a mother and her son could exist such as this.
My Eli, keeper of my heart, brings tears to my eyes and drowns me [...]