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Is it the new year?  Is it being back home after being away from home for three months?  Is it a change in me?  A change in perspective?  Whatever it is that’s driving me to do this, I’ve been cleaning my house, purging things and repacking and organizing like I’ve got a goal in mind [...]

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home again

I’ve meant to write sooner, but… well, you know how it goes.
Things have been crazy/busy/hectic/exhausting since we’ve been back to the Keys.  I’m not up for a long post about the entire drive and how “unentertainable” Eli was, but we made it back with just a short 4.5 hour stop to catch up on sleep [...]



Today is d-day (departure day).  We fretted and fretted over which day to leave, considering that there is supposed to be some nasty weather coming in starting tonight.  Do we leave tonight as planned, and try to get ahead of it?  Do we wait until tomorrow morning and see what the weather will do so [...]

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