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Father’s Day

I know he doesn’t know.
But I do.
Father’s day with no father.
Never to know the love, devotion, pride, respect his daddy would surely have given him.  Never to be held in his arms.  Never to look into his eyes.  Never to clasp his hands.
Never to go diving together.
Never to go fishing together.
Never to play ball together.
Never [...]

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Friday the 5th

Sometimes I don’t understand what I’m feeling.  It’s hard to put a word or even words to these feelings.  The feeling is so strong that it doesn’t seem to have the right word to fit it.
This past 5th was a hard one.  October 5th was a Friday.  June 5th was a Friday.  It was like [...]

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working mom

So I went back to work.
Big step for me.  Big.  Huge.
So far I’ve only worked two half days at the job I left when I had Eli, as a dolphin trainer at Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key.  It’s not like I’ve jumped right back in and am working full time or anything, but even [...]

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