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just when you think you’re doing ok…

smack in the middle of a beautiful day, i sit down and am overwhelmed with grief.  missing mike more than ever and covered in lonliness were all consuming thoughts.  there didn’t seem to be anything that triggered it.  it wasn’t a specific day, holiday or birthday, or any of the ususal grief triggers.  i just [...]

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There’s a good reason I haven’t posted in a while…
We surprised my mom and dad for mom’s birthday and Mother’s day!  Her birthday was the 8th and Mother’s day was the 10th, so since they both were so close together, it seemed the perfect time to fly to Ohio for the big surprise.  It was [...]


feeling lonely

When we were together, I never took Mike for granted.  Every day I told him how much I appreciated having him in my life, how much I love him, how thankful I am that he loved me back.  The trials and tribulations in our life trying to drive us apart could not withstand our love [...]

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