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Eli’s Walking!

Monday evening Eli took his first steps, on his own.  He’s been walking a lot, for many months now with a little help from anyone he can convince to walk him around.  But finally he got the confidence to let go and began walking on his own.  So far it’s only a few steps at [...]


Pre-wedding pictures

I spent some time today going through some old photos.  I love seeing pictures of Mike that I haven’t seen in a while.  He feels so alive to me, seeing his personality come through and remembering the special moments we shared.  This particular day was a lot of fun.  A friend came with us to [...]

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here we go again

eli’s sick … again!  or is it still?  he hasn’t had a fever since last friday, a whole week ago.  however, he was still battling a little bit of a runny nose and a cough for a few days, but all that seemed to go away by tuesday, definitely wednesday at the latest.
so i spent [...]


what we’ve been up to

After my last post, ever-so-optimistic, about how wonderful I was feeling and how Eli and I both beat the crap out of the illness, guess what?, I got sick.  Sure enough.  However, Eli is in fact feeling much better, and aside from a lingering cough, he’s back to normal.  I only got mild cold symptoms, [...]

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quick illness update

eli is doing much better today.  his fever has officially been gone for over 24 hours now.  he slept really well last night (which meant i got to as well), and actually ate very well today.  that was a huge relief to me.  he still has a runny nose and cough, but his mood is [...]


Another rough week…

… but for a different reason this time.  Eli has been very sick.  My poor little man came down with a nasty virus last week, and is still battling the tail end of it.  He’s been teething for almost two weeks now, occassionally running a low-grade temperature, and not very interested in eating.  Of course [...]


some good with the bad

it’s been a difficult past few days.  at the beginning of the week i made a call to who i thought was an old “friend”, but as it turned out that wasn’t so true.  i ended up losing that friend within a matter of a single phone call, something that i never would have expected [...]

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