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my day

I had one of those days.  A bad Mike day, I call it.  It didn’t last all day, as it does sometimes, but mostly I just felt like a bum all day.  I just wanted to wallow in my sadness today, rather than try to change my frame of mind.  I wonder why that is [...]

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my dream

I had a dream last night (actually it was this morning - i was lying awake for over an hour, thinking about mike, and luckily i fell back asleep for a short time) and I wanted to write down before I forget it.  Even though it’s one of those dreams I don’t think I’ll ever [...]


Still catching up (bubbles!)

The day after Eli’s birthday, we had a little fun with bubbles.  This was his first experience with them and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of them at first, but when they landed on the floor in front of him he found out how much fun it is to pop them.  Since then [...]

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Catching up (the past two weeks)

Well, I know I have a lot of catching up to do, so I’ll try to fit as much in as I can, before Eli wakes up from his afternoon nap.
My wonderful, big-hearted mom agreed to fly back to Florida with me, stay for 6 days and help me get reacquainted.  I’ve done the flying [...]

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Spent some time organizing and packing today getting ready to go back home, to Florida.  Daunting.  And sad.  Sad to be leaving my family and taking Eli away from his grandma and grandpa.  It’s absolutely heartbreaking.  I see how excited he gets when he see his grandparents walk through the door and how comfortable he’s [...]

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