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Winter beauty

Have you taken the time today
to see the beauty that lies right before your eyes?

It’s there.
It’s in those little things.
Things that would bring Mike such pleasure as he pondered why some birds go south for the winter and some brave out the bitter icy cold.

There’s beauty everywhere.
Sometimes you just have to look extra hard to [...]

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“How to save a life” - The Fray

There it was again.  This time it was a song on the radio while having pizza with friends.
“How to save a life” by The Fray.  That song will always be the one song that triggers memories of that horrific time when I lost my husband more than any other.  Not necessarily because of the actual [...]


A better person

Over the past 15 months, and 20 days since Mike has died (will I ever get used to saying that?), I’ve found myself trying even harder than before to be a better person.  It’s something I told Mike when I first met him.
We were walking barefoot from Sharkey’s (crazy little locals bar) to the big [...]


where i was last year; where i am today

An excerpt from my personal journal that I wrote last year, to the day.
Warning: extreme grief content -
Three and a half months, and the days are only getting harder.  Why is this pain and sadness so intense right now?  It all feels so different than it did in the beginning.  Going into work feels like [...]

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Unforeseen moments

I was getting ready to go out with a good friend last night.  Trying my best to put myself together, doing my hair and actually putting on makeup reminded so much of times going out with Mike.  For the first time since the summer of ‘07 I had a glass of wine while getting ready.  [...]

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Ok, I know I mentioned yesterday that it was negative eight degrees and dropping, however I had no idea just how much it would drop overnight.  When I woke up this morning it was seventeen below zero! Now, I used to live in this miserable state for 24 years, why don’t I remember it ever [...]


Seeking help

Yesterday I made a big step.  A step toward what, I’m unsure.  I had my first appointment with a grief counselor.  I’ve never been to see a counselor for help before.  For anything.  Asking for help took a tremendous amount of courage.  I didn’t even know I had courage, especially since I seem to be [...]

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Return flight booked

The date has officially been set - February 10th we will fly back to Florida.
I have mixed emotions on this one.  I can’t begin to tell you how sick of this weather I am.  In case you’re wondering (for all my cozy warm Florida friends) it’s negative eight degrees right now and dropping.  Oh, and [...]

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Signing Time

Starting when Eli was around six months old I began signing with him.  I added sign language to some simple words and pretty soon, he caught on.  This is something I’d read about many years ago and had always wanted to try when I finally had a baby.  To sum it up quite quickly, here’s [...]

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