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Hi to Daddy in the sky

The tradition in my family was always to visit with grandparents on Christmas Eve.  By the time we got home, Santa had already been to our house, so we were allowed to open gifts that night.  Mike’s family did things the more traditional way, opening gifts on Christmas morning.  So I wasn’t sure how I [...]


Winter wonders

The first day of winter.  I woke up this morning and it was 7 degrees, with a windchill factor of -15 below!!!  They don’t joke around up here!  It has been unseasonably cold since we got here (wouldn’t you know it).  No mild temperatures, no semi-nice days, just cold, colder, and take-your-breath-away, what-was-I-thinking?-cold!  Needless to [...]

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Uncle Paul has put a lot of work into my webpage and now you can see new pictures of me under the “newest pictures” page.  Now that the kinks are worked out, you might get sick of seeing so many goofy pictures of me!  I gotta go for now, I’m real busy getting into things [...]

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