Monthly Archives: November 2008

Another Thanksgiving

Yet another holiday behind me.  Thank goodness.  Holidays are so hard for those of us who are grieving.  It’s still so fresh for me, even though it’s been more than a year.  While hugging my Grandma goodnight last night I whispered “Happy Thanksgiving” to her.  Her response was “yeah, right”.  Her reaction was so honest, [...]

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Ohio so far

Oh, it’s always an adventure when we come to Ohio.  Sometimes that a good thing, sometimes well…. it’s cold!  The week before we arrived it was nice, sunny during the day, cool in the evenings, basically beautiful weather (like the weather we’d just left in Florida).  Upon our arrival, the temperature steadily dropped, and dropped [...]


Halloween, Birthday Party, Zoo

The past week has been eventful and fun.  Poor little Eli, Mommy made him wear his silly Halloween costume three times in less than a week!  The first time he wore it was to a Halloween party, which he was in no mood to be dressed up and oohed and ahhed over.  The second time [...]

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